Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sometimes It Is Like Home

Sometimes I feel like missing home too much, But at certain Situation like when visit some places around China and meet with other countrymates/Africans It is like I'm Home!Hope all those old friends who are in Iwindi,Mbalizi are all fine.
Most of my old friends, there is no way I can communicate to them now But I just want to let
their mind know that I really miss them and remember them with all the difficult times they face due to Country's bad rural situations.One day I will go there to see them and one day there lives if not their kids lives will change and be good!
In China also not everybody has good life,they also have Many people especially in the rural areas with bad life conditions but their country is trying to make sure conditions change to be better and atleast you can see them enjoying the good roads,schools,banks,water services,healthy services,supermarket etc.So to me there is a dream that Tanzania can also learn from China and we have all the potentials to make people enjoy their lives in Tanzania.
I miss Iwindi,Mbalizi,Mbeya,Tanzania and all thoese friends of mine whom we are no longer in touch!
To those who don't know Chinese when you meet Chinese just say:
'wo ai ni'(ninakupenda-I love you)
If I see there is need I will deliver more Chinese Words next time!

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