Wednesday, December 17, 2008

After four Years Of Not Seeing you!

Today I was able to see Mwite and My mum again atleast by pictures after the three years of not seeing each other.This was possible only after giving Mwite my Laptop and Camera and by using the office internet of where she is doing her field training.Even if I have not met them for all that time but now I can guess on how they are and may be can see how I can act accordingly.
As I can see my mum has turned black and little older,more white hairs coming!I know she misses me very much her only kid,and Her only hope in her future.The distance is a little problem but from today this will no longer be a problem.I will make sure I get her pictures update at given time intervals!Also soon I expect Mwite to show me the pictures of my lovely grandfather and all other people whom I have been missing for four years!
Thanks Mwite and God Bless you!

Mama Ninakukumbuka sana na wala sijakusahau!Ninakupenda sana!

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subi said...

Pole sana kwa upweke, inshaallah yana mwisho, milima haikutani bali binadamu hukutana, vuta subira!