Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Fantastic Diagnostic Class!

It is hard to believe but this happened today when I went to the Hospital For My Diagnostic Class,me with other five classmates one being my
friend from Yemen and the rest being my Chinese Classmates.For today our patient was someone who worked as the Head of Trainings for Moshi Police College during 1969-73.He didn't believe his eyes to see a Tanzanian Medical Student doing training in his ward,he called me 'rafiki'(friend-pengyou in Chinese) and also said a lot of other Swahili words,this was a big suprise to those classmates.This was a very big Advantage for the six of us cause we met someone who was ready to offer us with whatever information we needed for his sickness!Normally it is not easy here to get a patient who will be fully cooperative as the Doctors are enough and the patient is always in touch with his specialist.But this was a chance for me to make a lead on this as the patient has met a 'rafiki' who he has been looking for more than thirty years may be.Cause he lost contacts to all his old 'rafikis' of Moshi so today he can't believe to see a copy of them and seeing the product of the contribution he offered for Tanzania.Cause he said at that time the people he met most of them knew very little.
So it was like asking him the conditions of his disease while alternating with our Tanzanian Stories so that was so cool and even those five classmates had an opportunity to know something of Tanzania,something which is layer cause we never had a chance where we could talk about this.I asked which flight did he use when going to Tanzania,He laughed and said at that time they didn't take flight,They were going to Guangzhou and take a Boat/ship to Tanzania and that could take 15 days to arrive to Dar.But I told him that now he can just take flight from China and drop
at Kilimanjaro Airport ...he was so impressed!He just mention some Tanzanian fellow officials of
that college who were his friend like Hubert,Benkan,etc.He says if I have a way to see these guys I should pass greatings to them he misses them very much.
His wife or daughter called and he was very happy told her that today he had met a lost 'rafiki'... Also one Doctor came to our ward and was informed that the guy worked in Tanzania for 3 years and that Doctor made a guess that he went to Tanzania for TAZARA but he said no for that was a more advanced program than the TAZARA cause he was a big guy the head of Training at Moshi he had a chance to meet most of the big Government people he always mentioned of Karume.
He said when he comes out of Hospital we should arrange a meeting and he will invite me for
beer(the major cause of his Kisukari and which is the major reason why he is admitted) and I said Ok and took his Contacts and also gave my contacts.I'm sure this guy really want to see the products of his work of those years and he is not lack cause he stays out of the city where it is hard to meet any of his rafiki but the Hospital made him meet one and me I promise to continue to be a rafiki to him and I will try to get the contacts of his old rafiki so that one day they can even talk to each other.but I'm not sure of his Old Tanzanian rafiki if they are still there cause the guy is now 68 years old.
Anyway The Important thing is for us to make sure the people like these become proud with Tanzania due to their Contribution even if they can't see their old Tanzanian rafiki's they should see a shining country so that when they here news on TV or Newspapers they should talk to their friends that ,that country is of their old rafiki whom they cared for!
Dedication to all Old Chinese who did something for Tanzania in those years!

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Good job Gwakisa!
I wish you success in your studies!
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