Monday, December 29, 2008

My Grandfather Is Growing Older!

My lovely grandfather is growing Old and as he grows Old the house also grow old.I can see how lonely the grandparents are after all the other family members are away to other cities and countries.
I really thank you grandfather cause without you I don't know how I could have been today.I know you made me stronger and you fought for me in whatever Situation and may God bless you and give you a longer life.I will try to pay you back by doing something to the family and all those in need of my Help.I know there is nothing to pay back to you but just say thank you!
I will see you soon!
His name is Samwel A.Swila,He is one of the wonderful grandfather i have seen,He was ready to fight for me at whatever cost.Even if fighting for me was at the expense of his happiness he always fought.Whoever has lived with me It is all his work with the Help of his almighty.

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